About The Project

The VOT3D project aims to revolutionize the Raw Materials (RM) sector by introducing advanced methods for optimizing underground ventilation in mining operations. With a primary focus on reducing electricity consumption by 1.5%, the project utilizes 3D scanning technology to create accurate digital twins of underground tunnels. Academic and industry partners bring expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, 3D surveying, and drone technology to develop an innovative solution that could lead to substantial cost savings for key mining processes and enhance overall safety in the workplace. The project’s comprehensive approach to ventilation optimization, combining advanced technology and industry expertise, positions it as a promising solution for the global mining market.

Objective and Scope

Key Highlights

Alignment with the strategy of EIT RawMaterials

The VOT3D project:

  • Contributes to EIT RawMaterials’ “Strategic Objective 1” for securing economically viable and sustainable raw materials supply in Europe.
  • Focuses on developing innovative, automated, and digital technology to enhance the efficiency of mineral resources production.
  • Aligns with EIT RawMaterials’ broader strategy, emphasizing “Mining in challenging environments” within Knowledge & Innovation Themes 2.
  • Actively addresses specific topics under the ‘Sustainable and Responsible Discovery and Supply Lighthouse,’ promoting responsible supply of Strategic Materials and/or Critical Raw Materials in the electric transformation context of the raw materials industry.

Impacts and Benefits

  • The proposed methodology ensures an accurate representation of tunnel geometry, mitigating environmental impact and supporting EU climate targets.

  • Minimization of the adverse health effects resulting from the harsh working conditions in underground mining excavations.

  • The project’s diverse partner qualifications from four countries increase the probability of successful product market entry.

  • There is a prospect to enter a new sub-industry, positioning as a strong provider of solutions meeting evolving market expectations.

Sustainable Development Goal




Contribution to the Environmental Sustainability

VOT3D’s environmental sustainability approach is centered on mitigating the ecological impact of mining operations, emphasizing energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency:

By optimizing ventilation systems through 3D scanning and modeling, VOT3D aims to achieve substantial energy savings, estimated at up to 2 GWh/year. This not only translates to significant cost reductions but also reflects a commitment to minimizing the overall energy demand of mining operations. The focus on energy efficiency aligns with broader environmental goals and contributes to the sustainable use of resources.

Carbon Emission Reduction:

VOT3D’s innovative solutions are poised to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 12,000 tons annually. The optimization of mine ventilation, coupled with the consequent decrease in energy consumption, directly supports environmental sustainability by lessening the carbon footprint associated with mining activities. This aligns with global initiatives to combat climate change and underscores the project’s commitment to responsible resource exploitation.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA):

Integral part of VOT3D solution, employing widely accepted tools such as LCA to assess environmental, economic, and social aspects throughout the project, providing crucial indicators for quantifying sustainability benefits over the short, medium, and long term.

VOT3D Products

The VOT3D project is poised to deliver a sophisticated, high-tech product tailored for optimizing underground mine ventilation. The key components include:

Target End Users

The primary target end users of the VOT3D project are mining companies globally, specifically those operating in underground mines with intricate ventilation structures. The project aims to offer a versatile solution applicable to both large-scale implementation across entire ventilation systems and modular deployment for specific components, accommodating the diverse needs of the mining industry.

Additionally, the final product is strategically designed to transcend the mining sector, ensuring accessibility to varied markets. This approach reflects a comprehensive and competitive business model, aligning with the demands of targeted operational environments and end-user requirements. The intended end users include mining enterprises seeking advanced technologies for ventilation optimization and extend to diversified markets and other sectors benefitting from 3D data gathering and processing solutions.

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