The 55th anniversary of the Mining Faculty

This year, on October 27-28, a unique occasion was celebrated – the 55th Anniversary of the Mining Faculty. The ceremonial event combined with St. Barbara’s Day celebrations consisted of presentations on ongoing projects (VOT3D and ECHO) during the day and a grand evening feast. The DMC team celebrated together with a large group of invited guests, including many graduates of various degrees, fresh students, and representatives of companies closely related to the faculty.

The opening celebration was held in the main hall of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology and consisted of awards for distinguished employees and graduates, and a presentation recalling the department’s achievements over the past decades. DMC team had a part in it, due to our numerous finished projects and activities such as organized events and scientific research. Additionally, at a later session dedicated to establishing potential cooperation with external companies, the DMC team presented solutions created as part of current projects, namely VOT3D and ECHO.

The most grandiose part of the event took place in the Wroclaw NOT building, in a large banquet hall reaching several floors with richly decorated architecture and an echo that perfectly matched the voice of the host of the event. Once there, the participants, regardless of their academic degree or age, had fun together to the sounds of music, group games, and beer poured into mugs. This event was a great opportunity to remember the past and connect it with the present and the future, as on that day we were all among friends.

In the DMC team, we are all proud that we could be part of this fantastic event!