Field measurements as part of the #VOT3D project

This week the DMC team performed field measurements in the scope of VOT3D EIT Raw Materials project. The trials took place in the underground tunnels of the “Rzeczka” complex (named after a nearby village) in Walim, Lower Silesia. 

The site is one of 7 former Nazi underground facilities in the Owl Mountains, constituting an unfinished massive underground construction project “Riese” (“giant” in German) of mysterious purpose. Unique conditions in the tunnels, namely a combination of irregularly-shaped rock corridors made through blasting with concrete-reinforced structures, as well as the presence of water reservoirs and darkness, create a challenging environment for mobile robots. 

DMC members performed various 3D data acquisitions, including a precise laser scanning survey of approximately 14 000 m³ of the subterranean volume.