Ventilation Optimizing Technology based on 3D-scanning
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Background of the Project

The digitization and robotization of the mining industry are major trends as they provide significant advantages in terms of productivity and safety. Underground resource extraction relies heavily on effective mine ventilation to maintain optimal conditions in workplaces. Despite annual costs exceeding millions per plant, the role of ventilation in enhancing work efficiency and safety is invaluable. Current practices often involve operating ventilation systems at overestimated capacities, leading to energy inefficiency and environmental impact. Despite the existence of tools and solutions for mining ventilation, the incorporation of detailed 3D mapping for ventilation optimization remains notably absent in current practices.

Improvement of modern technology

The goals of the VOT3D project fit perfectly into the key objectives of the Raw Materials sector, aimed at safety increase, cost reduction, and sustainable production. The work included in the VOT3D project will improve the current technology and adapt it to harsh environments and expand the technology to TRL9 and access the global market and industry with versatile, innovative technology. Currently, there are many tools for mining ventilation modeling and analysis, as well as solutions aimed at ventilation optimization.

The VOT3D project aims to robotize the RM sector by introducing modern methods and innovative solutions for the optimization of underground ventilation with the main aim of reducing electricity consumption by 1,5%. VOT3D will try to get into a USD 326 million market with a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period from 2019-2024 and gain a 5% market share by exploiting emerging technologies to reduce costs (up to 2 mln € annually) for key mining operations and provide a safer working environment.

Key highlights of VOT3D concept

Key contributions of VOT3D

VOT3D plays a pivotal role in achieving the aforementioned goals by upscaling innovative concepts to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9: